2018 - Kee Creative

Agency site


Create a website for the view of clients for a UK based automotive agency. It should cover the offerings of the agency, advice on marketing, as well as pushing clients to get in touch. 

The design focused on using the company blue and a slight variation for differentiation on illustrations, against a minimalist colour palette. These colours were then weaved into the illustrations across the website against colour photographs.

Role & team:

This website was created in 2018 when I was Graphic Designer (Multimedia) for Kee Creative. I was responsible for creating the wireframes, sourcing imagery for the pages and creating illustrations and animations on site.

What I learnt

This was the first project in which I'd delivered digital branding across a whole site. Working out how to apply the colours, fonts and imagery in a way that everything could come together to present a brand was my first understanding into how essential a design system is, even when working on a project solo. It's a project I like to look back on to see how far I've come as a designer.


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