2019 - Sally Europe


UX/UI Audit of the Sally Websites

Looking to bring the Sally Europe websites up to a modern template that works across B2B and B2C websites in the UK. This included making changes spotted in user research stage, bringing the website up to date with modern UX standards working specifically to a mobile heavy audience.Some of the improvements included representation of content above the fold, hierarchy of messaging, transferring to a rounded UI, filters and buying experience and 'my account' functionality, as the brand relies heavily on customers creating an account.

All designs were to follow the brands bright pink colour scheme, so my aim was to find balance between the bold scheme with enough white space to keep hierarchy in place and a modern design. Creating iconography that involved more white space than the originals helped to pull some of this colour back. Creating a broader range of icons allowed to more easily link to user-needed areas of the site.

Homepage & Navigational Changes

Before Redesign

After Redesign

Creating Space

  • Heatmap testing enabled being able to prove that users were looking for 'help/advice' in the website footer, meaning it could be moved from the header of the site to allow more space.
  • The cookies messaging was being blocked by a salesforce plug-in the business had enabled. On analysis, the plug-in wasn't making enough revenue to justify the creation of issues on the site.
  • The adjustment of spacing within the navigation allowed the navigation to take up less of the screen, whilst still holding the same, and more information. Making the most of the left and right space of the logo allowed an account button (An essential for a trade only signed up experience).

Styling, Colour and Prominence

  • Colour was stripped back from the icons, to make the brand pink less overwhelming to the user, and help the logo be prominent. 
  • The search was the most used navigational method of the site, getting 40% of all clicks on the homepage and variables of the same number on other pages. For this reason it was brought out to be clearer and more effective with a full-screen search pop-up being created to optimise mobile search.
  • Rounded UI was introduced to bring in line with changes Google had introduced.
  • Promotional line was moved to the top of the screen to follow ecommerce site trend practices.



Category Pages

Category pages were recreated to optimise for mobile. These are available to view on request.

Product Pages

Product pages were reworked to create a cleaner, clearer experience. These are available to view on request.

Next steps and learnings

Updated changes were also rolled out across SallyBeauty, the retail side of the business

Positive feedback across the business and fromuser polls lead to ‘ProDuo’ the EU version of the Sally business, being moved over onto Salesforce and onto the same template.

Bringing these elements of the site up to a certain level allowed us to begin working on further elements with more ease, including checkout, basket, product listing and description pages and the sign up journey. 

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